GM Heritage Collection warehouses

GM Heritage Collection Warehouse 4

General Motors preserves a large collection of historically significant vehicles in their Heritage Collection in Michigan. This collection contains important production vehicles as well as many concept cars. This collection isn’t usually accessible to the general public. The GM Heritage Center in is a well-known place where many of these vehicles are displayed. This facility is also used for many public functions. General Motors also has several warehouses in the same area where they store the vehicles that aren’t currently on display at the Heritage Center or used at shows and other events.

The Saab Owners Convention 2007 took place in Troy, Michigan and part of the program was a visit to 3 of these warehouses in Sterling Heights. Saab was still part of General Motors in 2007 and their heritage collection also included a variety of interesting Saabs. But most of the warehouse space was taken up by many other GM vehicles and they were mostly positioned for storage, not for display. The outside of these buildings look just like any other warehouse in the Detroit area. Nothing indicates that one of the world largest and oldest auto manufacturers in the world stores these unique vehicles in these warehouses.

There wasn’t any tour through the buildings and you were able to just wander around all these cool concept cars that you usually don’t see, not even in museums. It’s always exciting to see any car collection that is not often accessible and this was no exception.


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