Givi TN532 (DL650) and TN528 (DL1000) Crashbars for Suzuki V-Strom

Givi TN532 crash bars suzuki v-strom DL650 right

Most owners add crash bars to protect the tank and plastic trim in case the bike tips over or you loose control of the bike. And no matter how careful or experienced you are, this will happen sooner or later.  The Suzuki V-Strom is an adventure motorcycle but body and engine protection is very limited for any adventures on unpaved roads.

I used to have the Givi crash bars on my previous DL1000 and was happy with the quality and how they looked on the bike. They are easy to install with just a few basic tools. I dropped my V-Strom DL650 on a rocky trail once and gently laid it on its side when I lost my footing. The crash bars did their job and there were only a few small scratches on the bars and a few marks on the handle bar ends. The tank and rest of the motorcycle was not damaged at all. Any situation is different and it all depends on the speed and surface you drop the bike on so your results may vary.

In a slow turn on my DL1000, the engine bogged down a bit and I also had to lay the bike down on the asphalt. When a 500+ lbs motorcycle wants to lay down, it will after it gets going and you just can’t hold it anymore with one foot. All you can do is slow it down as much as you can and make sure your leg isn’t under the bike. Again, there were only a few small marks on the crash bar and the bike was undamaged. Crash bars are a lot less expensive than new body parts or tank. The picture below shows the standard DL1000 plastic engine protector and doesn’t provide protection like a skid plate does.

The skid plate and crash bars are essential equipment for any serious adventure biker and other riders. Besides the extra protection, it also greatly enhances the look and makes the whole bike look more rugged. Current prices for the engine protector is $185 for unfinished and $200 for the black powder coat. You will also need a hardware kit to mount to the crash bars. The skid plate attaches to Givi, Hepco Becker, SW-Motech and Happy Trails crash bars and the kit is $50.

Givi TN532 crash bars suzuki v-strom DL650 left

2009 Suzuki V-Strom DL650 orange with crashbars


4 thoughts on “Givi TN532 (DL650) and TN528 (DL1000) Crashbars for Suzuki V-Strom

  1. Thanks for the write-up about crash bars and skid plates.I have a V-Strom 650 and have been looking into getting those accessories. I just want to feel more comfortable whenever I do take my bike down a gravel road.Are there any other accessories you would recommend for the V-Strom?


  2. I had some smaller things like a Fenda Extenda, Alaska sheepskin seat pad, Grip Puppies and a 12V socket under the seat for powering a 12V pump for the tires and that was about it. I also tried a few different windscreens but not much more. You can go crazy with aftermarket accessories but these were the essentials for me.


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