Givi E36/E45 cases and racks for Suzuki V-Strom

Givi E36 E45 cases and racks for Suzuki V-Strom

Givi is well-known Italian manufacturer of all kinds of motorcycle accessories.  These cases and racks from Givi are a basic but good quality solution for adding luggage to the Suzuki V-Strom.  The side cases (a.k.a. panniers) were used for the usual long weekend trips and 2-week vacations.  The top case was on the bike all the time for everyday riding.  Two full-face helmets can fit in the E45 case.  One helmet, motorcycle jacket and pants and everyday riding stuff also fit in the E45 case quite nicely.  I have used these for touring and exploring dirt roads and they held up great over time.  I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these again.

The only difference between the E36 and and E45 is the size.  The number is the size in liters and the E45 is just a bit taller than the E36.  Both can be used as top and side cases.  They are waterproof, dustproof and pretty much air tight.  I actually drilled a small hole in the top case to make it easier to open.  Especially when there is a change in elevation (and outside air pressure), it can be difficult to open the case because of the seals.  The racks are easy to install and you only need basic tools.

These are the racks and cases I used.  Cases can be used on many different bikes but racks are often specific for each bike.  Please note they make two different versions of the cases.  The NJ version like these do not have have reflective tape, inside elastic straps and a document holder.

Givi tubular side case racks – PL532

Givi tubular side case racks – PL532

Givi top case rack – E528

Givi top case rack – E528

Givi E36/E45 Junior Monokey

Givi E36E45 Junior Monokey


The top rack will fit the 2004-2011 Suzuki V-Strom DL650 and all DL1000. Side racks are for the 2004-11 DL650 only and the 2012+ DL650 and DL1000 require different side racks. The DL650 has only one exhaust positioned on the right side of the bike. The PL532 rack will extend further from the bike on the right side compared to the left to allow for the space the exhaust needs.

Using the E36 case on the right side and E45 on the left will result in the same total luggage width on both sides. Total outside width with the cases installed is 43″ / 110cm. Having two E45 and one E36 also gives the flexibility to either use the E45 or E36 as the top case when the side cases are not on the bike.

The top of the side cases are on the same height as the back seat, resulting in a flat surface for carrying other things like tents, sleeping bags, camp chairs and other camping equipment.

These cases only have small strips of orange tape and they are not reflective. To increase visibility both during the day and after dark, a roll of red reflective tape is an inexpensive solution. The red tape matched the orange color of the V-Strom very well. I first tried orange tape which didn’t match very well.

The side racks are not easily removable but they don’t look bad when the side cases are not on the bike. The E45 was the perfect case for my everyday riding.

Do you have any experience with these cases and racks? Have any questions or just want to start or join the conversation? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

 3 Givi E36 E45 cases Suzuki V-Strom DL650 6 Givi E36 E45 cases Suzuki V-Strom DL6508 Givi E36 E45 cases Suzuki V-Strom DL6507 Givi E36 E45 cases Suzuki V-Strom DL6505 Givi E36 E45 cases Suzuki V-Strom DL6504 Givi E36 E45 cases Suzuki V-Strom DL6502 Givi E36 E45 cases Suzuki V-Strom DL6501 Givi E36 E45 cases Suzuki V-Strom DL650

13 thoughts on “Givi E36/E45 cases and racks for Suzuki V-Strom

  1. I just ordered two E36 and one E45. Should I find different racks that make it so the left side is further out and thus balances the bike better? I like the idea of having more space so maybe calling Revzilla and changing that order, (if that’s possible).


  2. Not that I know off. The next size up is the Givi E55 Maxia but that’s a different style and is much more expensive at $330. Two E45 and one E36 already is a lot of space.


  3. Thanks, since I planned to have the E45 on top, I’ll just try and put it on the side to see what I like. If it works out I’ll return and get an other E45 instead of that extra E36. Are there any bigger top cases that are cheap and reliable as the E45?


  4. That’s a great looking bike you’ve got there Frank! I’ve got the V35 panniers and an E360 top box, and like yourself am very happy with the GIVI product. The V35′s might not be quite as versatile as the E36/45, but I prefer them for their more modern appearance. The leading/top edge of the pannier is also removable so that it can be painted (colour-coded) the same as the bike, giving the panniers a more integrated look.


  5. Am thinking about buying the Givi Trekker side cases for my 2011 Wee. Wonder if the same setup holds true as you describe putting a Trekker 33 on the pipe side and a 46 on the other side, that the distance is same from bike’s centerline. Givi says the Trekkers use the PL532 rack so it would make sense if the distance would be the same. Another consideration is Trekkers jack the cost way up. Could go with Jesse for about the same money. Need to actually see the Trekkers and verify if the quality/strength are comparable. Jesses look seriously rugged but look to be designed primarily to stay on the bike. Any input appreciated…
    BTW great website…


  6. As per the manufacturer specifications, the width of the E36/E45 cases are 10.8″/12.0″ (difference 1.2″) . The Trekker 33/46 are 9.5″/12.2″ (difference 2.7″) so it looks like there will be a difference between left and right.


  7. With this setup, are there any issues with having a passenger along? Are the passenger pegs still usable, and do the bags get in the way at all? Thanks.


  8. There are no issues having a passenger with these case installed. Foot pegs are still accessible. I think Givi makes a backrest that can be attached to the top case so it will be a bit more comfortable for the passenger.


  9. Fantastic setup ! Is there an alternative to the PL532 rack that can be easily removed so when you are just going on day rides, you can easily take the panniers and the rack off and enjoy the beauty of the V-Strom.


  10. Hi, I’m also considering the same setup. When you have the side cases on does it interfere with the passengers ability to get their feet on the pegs?


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