Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy

This is the Museo Ferrari in Maranello, Ferrari’s home town in Modena, Italia. I was on a road trip from Milano to Roma and Maranello was on my list of places to visit. I am not a huge Ferrari fan but it’s an iconic brand and it is one of those places an automobile enthusiast just has to visit once in their life. This was a little of two years ago in January of 2010.

The museum was a bit smaller than expected. There were a decent number of cars but descriptions posted on signs was pretty limited to basic model and engine information. Nevertheless, definitely worth a stop if you’re in Italy and want to spend an hour or two.

The Museum shop is near the Ferrari factory entrance and is only a short walk from the museum.  Outside the museum, there were a few Ferraris sitting outside and you could take a ride in the passenger seat for a fee. I think these were just private individuals or companies trying to make some money.  Or Ferrari owners having to make those monthly payments.

Link to the museum website: Museo Ferrari


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