Classic Remise Berlin workshops

Classic Remise Berlin workshops 1

Classic Remise is not a museum but you can find many vintage and current model cars in a wonderful historic building in Berlin. Classic Remise in Berlin and Düsseldorf are more like a working and living museum with workshops, car storage and vintage car sales. There are also shops that sell parts, clothing, model cars and accessories. The Berlin location has the Trofeo restaurant in the same building. There are several car owner clubs in the building as well and it is also used for events.

The building is an old tram depot that was built in the 1900s. All of this would be out of place in a modern building and they did a great job with the restoration. There are many glass garages where owners can store their prized possessions in a safe and climate-controlled environment. Only the owners have access to their cars but the general public can admire them at the same time. It’s a great idea and better than having them stored in a dark garage where they just sit unused.

Classic Remise is much better than a museum. You can peek into the workshops where mechanics work on anything from Fiat’s to Mercedes’ and Ferrari’s. Cars and motorcycles are being driven in the hallways so they can be taken out for a test drive or by their owners. The sound of engines nicely echoes from the walls and ceilings, giving the impression you’re actually driving or riding yourself.

Classic Remise Berlin workshops 3

Pictures and videos can give an impression of the sight and sounds but you have to go there yourself to experiences the wonderful smells. It’s a great mix of oil, petrol and exhaust gasses, a hint of vintage leather with a dash of carnuba wax. Top it off with some grease, cleaning solvents and other generic automobile smells and you get the picture, errrr idea of smell.

These Classic Remise locations were part of Meilenwerk before but they are independent since 2011. “Meilenwerk doesn’t want to impress but inspire you” according to founder Martin Halder. These are places by enthusiasts and for enthusiasts. It’s all about fascination, the essence of automobile culture. These Meilenwerk locations are not just buildings with cars. It’s a stage where the automobiles star in their own movies, waiting for the general public to enjoy and admire.

If you are ever in Berlin or other city where they have a Classic Remise or Meilenwerk location, make sure to visit and see for yourself. There is no entrance fee and you can just wander around all the cars and other items on display. You shouldn’t walk into the workshops but you can just watch the mechanics working on the cars and motorcycles from the entrances. The location in Berlin is definitely a place where you can spend a few hours or more looking at everything on display again and again.

Classic Remise
Wiebestrasse 36 – 37
10553 Berlin

Website: Classic Remise Berlin

There also are several car dealers in the same building that sell youngtimers, classics and other vintage cars.  Find the article here: Classic Remise Berlin Marketplace



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