Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee

07 inside overview with airplane Lane Motor Museum

A distinctive smell of vintage cars is always a good sign when you walk through the front door of a motor museum. Some car museums are a bit sterile but this places oozes with character. The vehicles at the Lane Motor Museum are displayed without any barriers and that always gives it a more personal feel. There are a lot of unusual, quirky and wacky vehicles on display and you probably will not find these in any other museum.

The Lane Motor Museum in Nashville opened its doors in 2003 with a collection of 80 historic vehicles. There currently are 150 on display and they say it is the largest collection of European cars and other vehicles in the USA. There are also many more vehicles in storage below the main floor because not all of them can be displayed at the same time. This area is not open to the public. The building is a former Sunbeam bakery and it adds a lot of character to the display of all the cars.

There is an abundance of natural light and the wood floors, exposed brick and open ceiling is what you hope to find in a motor museum. Some cars have been restored to like-new condition but there are also many cars in their original state. And that’s what makes it such an interesting place to stroll around for a few hours.

There is only one main space which is about 40,000 sq ft so it is easy to get an overview of all the vehicles on display. The collection includes the largest Czechoslovakian car collection outside Europe, microcars, amphibious vehicles, competition cars, motorcycles and one-of-a-kind vehicles. Museum founder Jeff Lane is from Romeo, Michigan (45 minutes north of Detroit) and grew up with cars in his family. He founded the non-profit organization in 2002 and donated his car collection to the museum.

Allow 2 – 4 hours to view all vehicles on display, watch a few videos and check out the vehicles outside in the garage and at the back of the building. This article only shows a small selection of vehicles on display together with a few descriptions from the museum website.

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