Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Corvette Museum

Power, speed, American, fast, sports car, heritage, history, racing. All words that may surface in your mind when you hear the name Corvette. The word Chevrolet should be in that list as well, even though the Corvette has not much in common with any other Chevrolet car or truck. The Corvette museum is located next to interstate highway I-65 near the town of Bowling Green in Kentucky. It is 109 miles south of Louisville, Kentucky and 67 miles north of Nashville, Tennessee.

The exterior with its recognizable yellow skydome and red spire makes it a noticeable landmark for anyone passing on I-65. I have passed this place several times myself but never had or made the time to stop and visit the museum. There are also plant tours of the factory where the Corvette is made but they were not available at the time I visited on December 31, 2012 . This was because they were changing the production lines for the new C7 Corvette that was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show a few weeks later.

This article is mostly a picture tour. Click on any image to enlarge and click on the large image to go to the next. Whne you visit the museum, allow 1 hour for a quick look and walk though the museum and 2-3 hours when you want to read every display, walk through it a second time and browse the museum store. Schedule more time if you also want to do the plant tour. For more information, please visit the museum website:

The first car I saw after paying the entrance fee and walking into the exhibits was this 1954 model with an interesting story. From the sign:

1954 Chevrolet Corvette – 150hp – 235 cubic inches – 3,640 produced – Base price $2,774

Chevrolet started production of the 1954 Corvettes in a renovated St. Louis assembly plant in December 1953.  The plant was designed to build 10,000 Corvettes annually, but demand was misjudged and it would be six years (1960) before Corvette exceeded 10,000 in sales.

This is truly a “survivor”.  It was a daily driver for Hale Morey until he passed away in 2008. Since that time, it has been a daily driver for Lori.  Morey purchased this car in 1959.  Morey and Lori dated in this car and drove it to get married.  The Hales were and Lori is still involved with Corvette clubs and events around Rouge River.  Donated by Lori Hale in memory of Morey Hale, Rouge River, Oregon.

Corvette Museum



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