2014 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor


You may know the Police Interceptor from the familiar sight in your rear-view mirror or seeing them performing traffic duties. The previous generation of Police Interceptors was based on the Crown Victoria and this model was manufactured from 1992 to 2011. The new generation is a modified Ford Taurus and it is slowly showing up all over the country.

It is not often you see the Police Interceptor without roof lights, bull bars, flashy decals or just a big POLICE on the sides. Unless you go to a government auction where you can buy decommissioned and well-worn police cars stripped from their equipment and decals. But the Taurus will take a while to show up at these auctions. These four Interceptors were parked in front of the Ford dealer in St. Ignace, Michigan and waiting to report for duty. I assume these will be used in Mackinac County but the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a big place so perhaps other areas as well. Michigan State Police in northern Michigan seems to prefer the Dodge Charger in their recognizable MSP blue color.

They look quite naked in Oxford White without all the usual equipment equipment but each police department wants to customize them to their specifications. The window sticker shows a price of $29,725 and this includes destination and a few minor options. Base price is $28,605. The regular 2014 Ford Taurus starts at $26,700. One of the options is “Dark car feature” and I can only guess what that is. All-wheel drive is a nice improvement from the real-wheel-drive Crown Victoria. The column-mounted shifter is unique to the PI and not available on the regular Taurus.


The equipment group code is 500A. A quick search shows you don’t necessarily have to be a law enforcement agency in order to buy these. Besides a heavy duty suspension, an oil cooler and steel wheels, it doesn’t seem too different from the regular Taurus. The window sticker also lists “police tires” and “police brakes”, even though it doesn’t mention what the differences are from the regular Taurus. I don’t know if police officers like to listen to music but the 4-speaker audio system seems quite basic. There are a lot more details in the downloadable brochure on Ford’s website.

These will show up soon in a rear-view mirror in your neighborhood if you live in the UP. The police station in St. Ignace had a few retired Crown Vics sitting in the tall grass to the side. Some parts were stripped and it didn’t look like they were used anymore. A light-blue Crown Vic was near the on-ramp to I-75, possibly in its last few months of active duty. Find more information and pictures of the Police Interceptor on Ford’s website: http://www.ford.com/fordpoliceinterceptor/



12 thoughts on “2014 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor

  1. That’s what I thought at first but it shows “Grille – Black” under the Exterior standard equipment.A search shows: DARK CAR FEATURE -inc: Courtesy lamps disabled when any door is opened (trunk not included).


  2. A police officer friend of mine in New Jersey has a real problem when he lost his Crown Vic. He is 6’5 and 280# The new car he has been “wearing” has been a nightmare.


  3. Not sure what police officers were used to test this model however I would guess they were all 5’8″ and 160lbs. I am a police officer with 11 years service and have seen several police cars come and go from different manufacturers. We recently got one of these interceptors and common at my detachment of around 150 members is that only the mini officers can drive them. Most of us average and larger don’t fit. Hard to get in and out. Not at all comfortable. Big fail for ford.


  4. Besides maybe some performance and handling advantages, the Explorer Interceptor SUV seems much better suited to police work. However, I do not work in law enforcement so I don’t really have any idea what the needs are in a vehicle. But enough space seems like a good place to start.

    I have sat in a regular Taurus and space inside seems very small considering the outside dimensions.


  5. they arent going to catch anyone in those with the 6 cylinder engine. i bought a dodge charger with the v8 hemi and it will blow away any taurus


  6. The dark car mode just means the courtesy (dome) lights don’t come on when the door is opened. On Crown Vics up to 2004, you just unhook a connector under the dash and reset the lighting computer. If you think about it, having the dome lights come on when the door is opened could be a serious safety hazard. For example: you’re on a security detail late at night with no lights on, you see a perp, you get out of the car, and the dome light comes on, blowing your cover. Perp shoots, you’re dead. Every vehicle I drive, regardless of year, make, or model, I disable the daytime running lights and automatic headlights, and activate Dark Car mode.


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