BMW i8 spotted in the Netherlands


A car hauler unloaded an unusual car at the Circuit Park Zandvoort (race track) in the Netherlands.  Recently introduced, they don’t make a public appearance very often and it was nice to look at it up close and snap a few pictures.

This BMW i8 is 1 of 2 in the Netherlands and deliveries in Germany started in June. The driver of the car hauler told me this one was delivered to the race track for a photo session for the Dutch car magazine AutoVisie.

We probably won’t see these plug-in hybrid sports car on the road very often and it was quite an interesting design.  When I think hybrid, an image of boring, slow and unassuming cars is stuck in my head but this i8 will turn heads and is probably fun to drive.

This BMW i8 was used for a video with race car driver and car enthusiast prince Pieter-Christiaan.  The video was made for the Auto8Daagse national event.



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