2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7 now at US dealers

2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn USA 02 white exterior front side

A local Volkswagen dealer has the new VW Golf GTI on their lot so a good opportunity to snap a few pictures of this latest generation Golf.  This one was the loaded Autobahn version with an mSRP of $32,510.  The price seems reasonable for the kind of car and equipment.

This new model is made at the Puebla, Mexico plant.  All former Golf GTI sold in the US were made in Wolfsburg.  Not many VW’s sold in the US are mede in Germany anymore.  At least not their mainstream models like the Jetta and Passat.  The Tiguan, Touareg and CC are still made in Germany but who knows for how long.

The average customer probably won’t care or even know.  For me, I’d rather have one made in Wolfsburg.

I drove the 2014 Golf a month ago and really liked this Mk7 version of Das Auto.  I bet this new GTI will be a blast to drive. Not sure about having the DSG autobox as I really like the feel of the manual transmissions of VW.  The new model sure looks like a lot more modern with its chiseled exterior design.


For comparison, I also took some pictures of the 2014 GTI they had on their lot.  The exterior definitely looks a bit more dated with its rounded shapes.  As you can see on the window sticker, the 2014 GTI has its engine made in Hungary and has 60% German parts content.  The 2015 GTI has only 37% German parts but its engine is made in Germany.



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