Autumn in the Jordan River Valley, Michigan

Jordan River Valley. Michigan

The Jordan River Valley is an area of state-owned forest in Antrim County in the northwestern part of Michigan. The Jordan River was the first waterway in Michigan to be designated as a Wild and Scenic River. Nature is undisturbed and access to the valley is by local dirt roads, two-tracks and hiking trails.

There are several hiking trails and it is nice to spend the day hiking the Jordan Valley Pathway. The North Country Trail also goes through this area so from here you can hike either all the way to New York or to Nort Dakota. At 4000 miles, the NCT is one of the longest trails in the USA.

Fall is a great time of year to visit the Deadman’s Hill and Landslide Overlooks. When the colors of the trees are turning, the entire valley is a spectacular sight of green, red and yellow trees that form a carpet of amazing colors. Deadman’s Hill can be quite busy with leaf peepers but the Landslide Overlook is usually quieter.

The pictures taken on October 4th show probably 50% color change and about 2 weeks away from peak color. The green color of the trees that haven’t started changing and the pine trees form a nice contrast at this time of fall. This entire weekend was mostly overcast and rainy but the sun came out for a short period to allow for some colorful pictures.

Deadman’s Hill Overlook
Parking area coordinates: 45°02’48.4″N 84°56’10.9″W
Google Maps: link

Landslide Overlook
Parking area coordinates: 44°59’32.5″N 84°59’13.0″W
Google Maps: link

Click on any of the images to enlarge.

Pictures from October 4th:


Returning 2 weeks later on October 18th, the color was mostly gone and just some green and yellow left.  The rain and colder temperatures in the last few days really made the colors change very quickly but still a nice view from Deadman’s Hill Overlook.  It probably was peak color only a few days ago.   The temperature was 44F/7C degrees today and the feel of approaching winter was in the air..  A drive down into the valley allowed for a short walk near the river and some more pictures.

Jordan River Valley 02


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