Hawk Junction Railway Station, Ontario, Canada


The diesel engines of the Canadian National Railway locomotives were making the only sound in the sleepy town of Hawk Junction, Ontario.  Transporting freight between Sault Ste Marie and Hearst is one of the reasons the Algoma Central Railway is still operating.  It appeared the freight train was making an extended stop here at Hawk Junction as the engines were slowly shut down.  The only sound that remained after was the buzzing of flies and mosquitos around your head.

Hawk Junction is a small town located just north of the road between Wawa and Chapleau.  It is about 15 minutes by car from Wawa.  The railway split off just north of here and ran to the port of Michipicoten on Lake Superior.  It doesn’t appear that part of the railway is still in use.  There is something about these out-of-the-way remote places that is hard to describe.


The Algoma Central Railway runs from Sault Ste Marie to Hearst and is about 296 miles long.  There still is a passenger train that runs 3 days a week and goes all the way to Hearst.  The train is often used for transporting passengers to hunting and fishing camps or other outdoors adventures like kayaking, ATV-ing or snowmobiling.  Most of these places can not be reached by regular vehicles.

Hawk Junction used to have quite a number of business on the main street near the train station.  These days, businesses are closed and there isn’t much to do. The train station building has not changed much through the years but the Big Bear Hotel has seen better days.




One thought on “Hawk Junction Railway Station, Ontario, Canada

  1. We use to take the train out of Hawk Junction to mile 210 for a fish camp. Do you know if there is a fish camp there now.
    If so any info you can send me would be appreciated.


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