Road trip in a 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible – Nevada


There is nothing better than to escape the Christmas holiday celebrations in the grey and cloudy Midwest, rent a convertible in Las Vegas and just drive through Nevada, California and Arizona.

It’s also winter in that part of the country so convertibles from the rental companies are not in very high demand. And that can be a good thing because I got this convertible for about $300 for 9 days. And 60 F / 15 C is still good for driving with the top down and windows up.

The check-in with Alamo was done online so all I had to do was to walk past the counters and straight to the garage where you can pick your choice of car for the class you rented. I was first attracted by the red Camaro, loaded my suitcase and headed for the exit. But then I spotted a white Mustang and changed my mind. The Camaro is a great looking car but I wasn’t impressed with the interior and the outward visibility. I had a great experience with a Mustang convertible in Florida earlier this year so decided to park the Camaro and switch to the Mustang.


Alamo has a Sporty Category as well and they had many Dodge Challengers on the lot. I rented one of those a few years ago and also is a great car to rent and own. My review about that car here:

I have rented so many small, mid and full-size four-dour cars and a two-door coupe or convertible is so much more fun.


I hang around Vegas for two nights and drove around the area with the top down. This was on the road to Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas.




The day trip continued towards the Hoover Dam where I briefly stopped. Too many tourists though so the drive continued to the much quieter Lake Mead Recreation Area. I like the desert and the long winding road was perfect to wind down from all the tourist mayhem in Vegas.





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