Road trip in a 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible – Amboy, California


Roy Crowl opened a service station in Amboy, California in 1938.  Route 66 was established 12 years before in 1926 and was a major migration route for people from the Midwest looking for a better future in California.  But as times changed and Interstate 40 north of Amboy bypassed the town in 1972, this quiet and dusty place in the Mojave desert didn’t have much reason to exist anymore.

There have been plans to restore the motel but has been made difficult because of the lack of a good potable water supply. Roy’s Motel and Café remains an interesting place to walk around and take some pictures of the old buildings, service station and of course the tall iconic sign.  It looks like they recently opened some of the buildings and there are a few small exhibitions, old furniture and information inside.

If they ever decide to open the motel again, it would make an interesting stop for tourists on Route 66 looking for a basic but historic lodging experience from a time long before chain hotels.  But for now, it is a good place to stop for some pictures, enjoy the history of the place and take in the desert views and silence.

Find these pictures on Flickr: link
Find more information about Roy’s Motel and Café on Wikipedia: link
Previous visit to Amboy in a Dodge Challenger: link


2 thoughts on “Road trip in a 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible – Amboy, California

  1. Hello Frank, I’d like to share 3 photographies in our Facebook album dedicated to Mustang + Route. May I have your permission ? Of course I’ll add the link to this blog and your name. Thanking you.


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